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   300MM WAFER


With the arrival of the era of full-scale mass production of 300mm wafers, customers' expectations of silicon wafers are increasingly high. As a pioneer in the world silicon market, Shin-Etsu Handotai (SEH) took the head start of the mass production of 300mm and has established a system ensuring a stable supply to the market.

In responding to even higher requirements from the customers for the future, we continue the incessant efforts and challenges for the quality improvements.

Features - 300mm silicon wafers

  • We have responded to the growing market demand in a timely manner with our capacity expansions since the starting of the mass production in February 2001.
  • Our products can meet the 20-22 nm design rule process and beyond.
  • Our product portfolio covers a wide range of our customers' various requirements.

Substrates for memory devices, microprocessor devices, etc.

Product Data