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In today's advanced device applications, near surface defects such as COP's and oxygen precipitates have caused degraded device yield and performance. It has been common practice to form bulk micro defects during device processing by carefully structuring device thermal processes around material bulk micro defect formation primarily through oxygen precipitation. However, with the present day's movement toward lower thermal budgets it is more costly to do so.


SEH provides IG NANA™, nitrogen doped, and argon annealed.

SEH IG NANA™ (Nitrogen Assisted Nucleate Acceleration) material provides the best starting material for those applications that benefit from a defect- free near surface and a high density of bulk micro defects to provide high intrinsic gettering efficiency from initial oxidation through device completion. IG NANA™ can provide cost benefits through yield enhancement and process simplification.

  • Near surface region is free of COP and oxygen precipitations
  • Superior GOI
  • Denuded zone depth tailored to specific application.
  • Bulk Micro Defects (BMD) >= 1e9/cm3 uniform edge to edge
  • Low slip level


IG NANA™ has provided our customers a more robust device process resulting in increased device yields and lowered manufacturing costs. IG NANA™ is one of SEH's most popular products with further growth being seen in sub .18um technologies including Flash memory, DRAMs, M/ROMS, SRAMS, and other logic devices. IG NANA™ has also been optimized for higher voltage devices which typically require resistivity of 50 to 200 ?-cm and operate with depletion regions of 50 to 100 microns.