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 EPI Wafer

  • P/P+ AND P/P-
  • N/N+
  • EPI NANA™ (Nitrogen Doping + EPI)
  • Intrinsic EPI
  • EPI Wafers for Image Sensors


    Utilizing our patented nitrogen doping technology, SEH offers a P/P- epi wafer optimized for low temperature advanced CMOS devices. The P- lightly doped substrate includes levels of nitrogen optimized to enhance oxygen precipitation. In standard P/P- epi wafers without nitrogen doped substrates, the oxygen precipitate nuclei are annihilated during the epi layer growth. For this reason, standard P/P- epi wafers typically have poor metal gettering characteristics and are also susceptible to slip and other problems associated with low mechanical strength.

    The enhanced precipitation created by the nitrogen doped substrate adds gettering ability from the beginning of the fab process, and also increases resistance to slip during high temperature processes such as epi and RTA.

    EPI NANA™ wafers are available in both 200mm and 300mm diameters and are used world-wide for leading edge design rule processes. > 1000 µ-sec