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Why SEH America?
Get hands-on experience in a high-demand industry.

SEH is the number one international producer of silicon wafers — a product that plays a critical role in the semiconductor industry. With applications ranging from the electronics and computing sector to solar cells and aerospace, silicon wafers are integral to maintaining today’s machinery and discovering tomorrow’s innovations. Currently, the global wafer supply is dangerously low, and the demand is only projected to increase. SEH America is growing in response, giving you the chance to join the team based in Vancouver, WA, that’s effecting some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world.

Featured Careers

Problem-Solving Pros

Troubleshooting is our maintenance technicians’ bread and butter. You’ll find maintenance opportunities in both production and facilities departments. During 8-to-12-hour shifts, these skilled collaborators work in close-knit teams to operate and maintain facility support systems, run routine tests, perform preventative maintenance, repair malfunctioning equipment and more. Together, they make up SEH America’s backbone, minimizing downtime, improving yields and ensuring that the facility and production operations run efficiently. And while it can be tough work, it’s always rewarding!

“It can be a real challenge, but that’s a big reason I stick around … every day is something new.”

 Industrious Innovators

Unafraid to roll up their sleeves and learn something new, our production team is an active bunch constantly honing their technical skills and seeking opportunities for advancement. Most positions require working with proprietary equipment, from machine setup and maintenance to quality and accuracy monitoring, and a proficiency for hands-on, specialized tasks. Shifts are typically day or night within a 12-hour, compressed workweek schedule, including every other weekend and overtime as necessary.

There are so many different job opportunities that you can find something you really enjoy.

Not Your Typical Manufacturing Workers

Unlike many manufacturing positions, the clean room offers a quiet, ultra-pure environment to perform critical operations requiring a high attention to detail. These employees play a key role in maintaining our commitment to excellence. Clean room employees work with silicon wafer production and inspection equipment and technologies, including microscopes, computers, robots and automated processes. They are held to high quality and safety standards, including wearing a full PPE hooded cleanroom suit. Shifts are typically day or night within a 12-hour, compressed workweek schedule, including every other weekend and overtime as necessary.

Most people might think the clean room is just another factory job, but it’s really not like that at all

Employee Benefits

Health Insurance

Feel secure with ample Medical, Dental and Vision coverage. With two comprehensive Medical and Dental plan options, choose what makes sense for you and your family — all at low monthly premiums.

Paid Time Away from Work

Recharge and get well. You’ll receive generous allowances of both vacation and sick time after your first 90 days, plus 9 paid holidays. Amounts are pro-rated depending on eligibility status. Company paid short-term and long-term medical leaves are available to those who qualify.


Start safeguarding your future with our 401(k) program. All employees are auto-enrolled after 30 days and can contribute 1-80% of their base pay. SEH America will contribute 1% regardless of participation, plus match the employee contribution dollar for dollar up to 4%.

Company Culture

Surround yourself with reliable, hardworking colleagues in a team-based environment that promotes collaboration and a work ethic based in integrity, respect and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Child Care Program

Work without worrying about your little ones. Qualified employees with children 6-weeks to 12-years in age will be subsidized or reimbursed for up to 25% of eligible childcare costs provided by a qualified provider.

Career Development

Expand your professional skillset and never settle. SEH America offers a variety of educational options, including certifications, skills training and tuition reimbursement, to encourage employees to learn the industry ropes and seek opportunities for advancement.